A downloadable game for Windows

Your enemies can't see you, but they are sensitive to any loud noises you make. Shooting or running may not be the best option in some situations.

Install instructions

Extract files when downloaded, and run Invis.exe


Invis Game.zip 103 MB


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I played this in my video (starts at 32:55)

I finally got a chance to play this, after the amazing run on "Dont Run" from a few weeks back. The camera angle and the game mechanics was a bit frustrating making this sequel (It's a sequel right?) not as satisfying as it could've been. I think if that was improved, there is a lot more that could be done for this game.

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Hey thanks for the review!!! I learn a lot from comments like these and I really appreciate it. This game actually came first, then I made "Don't Run" right after. Although the events happen in about the same time. I realized that I don't really excel in third person so I switched to first person instead :) Cheers, man!

OOh no wonder, I was thinknig why Don't run was such a better game, its like, its more polished so there is definitely a on going improvement on the work. Look forward to your future work!


This has A LOT of promise! I gave a few thoughts on the game towards the end of the video. Great game! 


Hi Adrionic, thanks for taking the time to play my game!!! I totally agree with the points that you mentioned that could've been improved. The main idea I had was to make a maze-runner type kindda game where you find a key in a giant maze to escape. This was for a game jam so I only had a couple of days to build everything from scratch. I wish I had more time cos I was definitely going to add more cool mechanics. Thank you for the feedback, and I will surely keep everything in mind so my next project will be a much better experience :D

This was the best game I played in my free random games video (For some reason the video got slightly corrupted)

Oh man thanks a lot, I appreciate the feedback!!!  I'm sorry you had to go through all those monstrosities :P I'm currently working on a side story of this game for a weekly game jam due next week. I hope you stay tuned :D


Thank you for playing the game and uploading a playthrough!!! I appreciate it a lot.

good game


This is a really cool concept and you could definitely do a lot to expand on this! I love how it looks too and I was NOT expecting the monsters to do the face thing when I got close to them!!!

(This is the fourth game on the video)

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Thanks for the feedback! Will totally expand on this concept and polish the existing mechanics. Unfortunately I only had a week to create this game (animations, meshes, mechanics, lighting, and such). It's the first game that I ever made because I don't have any prior game dev experience. I'll study hard and make more games. Cheers! :)

To make this in a week with no experience is massively impressive! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come out with in the future!!


Good work, fun little game. The woapen does seem somewhat uselss as they don't seem to take damage. But amazing design and great concept!


Thanks for the feedback! Will keep this in mind for my next project! :)

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Hi guys! Please let me know if you encountered any bugs, or any feedback. This is the very first game that I built even though I have no prior game development experience before, so there may be bugs that I haven't encountered. I'll be updating in a few days.