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A fantastic thrill.

Pour les Francophones !
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Awesome!!! Thank you for playing my game :D



Don't Run

Created by Jaboblu

I was at the edge of seat the whole game. Those creature are so terrifying and unpredictable I was freaking out! Awesome game, I got out in 20 minutes I may find it a bit hard to beat my record. Good job!


Duuuude, this made my day!!! Thank you for playing my game and making that art!!! I appreciate it :D


No prob, keep making those scary games! ;)

What a great fun game, it really captures the atmosphere of horror and being the only one alive left as you attempt your escape , the monsters are really disturbing and proof that you do not need high end models to execute the feeling of fear into the player. 

The mechanics of using the glow sticks is a nice touch and also give you a little more choice in sneaking between the seats to get to the next door , overall the game is an enjoyable experience and an enjoyable challenge.


Thanks for playing the game and giving your feedback! I appreciate your time! In the ever so slightest chance that you would play it again, try to get the lurkers stuck between the seats behind you :p Cheers, man!


This is such a hidden gem, I can't even remember how I found this game but gosh am I glad I did. I just realised that you actually have more games I could check out so I may jump onto your next game Invis.

Hey Panda Bum, thank you for playing my game! It makes me glad that you enjoyed it!!! Cheers


Just did a video on this game! Check out my review of it! Overall it took me like 40+ minutes to complete lol I got so mad when I died after getting so far

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Hey Posyden, thanks for playing the game!!! I appreciate all the feedback, and I will definitely keep them in mind so the next game I make will be a much better experience :D

Side note: the end is actually an easter egg from the first game made called "Invis", which is the sequel to this game. You can check it out on my page as well ;)


There is a glitch where if you just keep on running forward they can't hurt you.

But good game and concept anyway.

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Hi, thanks for playing the game! Trying to not spoil here XD... but they don't run as fast as you do so they can't catch you. Unless if you run forward then get stuck on the wall and become untouchable?

Hope you make more games like this 


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Thank you for playing my game! If ever in the slightest chance that you decide to play it again, there's a guy with a note/tip in the same area where you first meet the creeps :)

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Today i played one of the BEST INDIE GAMES i have played, The premise is so good. the monsters are TERRIFYING ..... I love SCARY STORIES like this.
this is A REALLY HARD GAME but i think i know HOW TO BEAT IT.
I came up with a STRATEGY to BEAT this GAME. Maybe In the NEXT EPISODE I could show you some TIPS AND TRICKS on HOW TO BEAT THE GAME. I hope you enjoyed this WALKTHROUGH of this UP AND COMING SURVIVAL HORROR GAME/ INDIE GAME called DON'T RUN.

great game!!! @justin485 



Watch more vids:

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Hey thank you for the kind words! Your gameplay was fun to watch and I can say that your strategy at 11:00 - 11:12 was pretty solid. So close to the end!!! Also, keep an eye for an easter egg when you get there.

Thanks for the reply and we are going to do another video...

looking for the easter egg!!!

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Don't Run TOLD my Brain to Run... This Game WAS FUN!


Great JOB! @justin485


Will Be Available AT 5:30 PM EST Today! 

Oh man that was such an intense gameplay! I died laughing a couple of times XD
Thank you for playing!!


Now that what I love to hear 😁 My Goal is to make everyone’s day and put a smile you your face 😁😁

Great game! Pretty simple to beat as it only took me 1 try. When I would try to start it, it attempts to start steamvr for some reason. Is this meant to be a vr game?

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Thank you for letting me know!! That is a bug and I will fix it as soon as I can! I appreciate your time :)

Edit: I fixed it in the 1.3 version! :D



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Thanks for playing! I'd like to ask, did the game run smoothly on your computer? In the video it seemed like it was below 20fps. I'm not sure if my game was heavy on your end, or maybe from your video capture device, or youtube compression? . If it was from my game, please let me know so I could fix it! :D

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Another great game, this was much harder than Invis. And about Invis, cool little easter egg, I liked it a lot haha. The tension was great, as you are cought between seats, having to be patient while you are incredebly eager to just run away! Good work! :D PS, since I'm the first to uploade concrete evidence of completing this game, I assume I currently hold the world record ;D


Hey I see you again!!! Thanks for playing! I was able to spot some small bugs while watching your gameplay. Don't worry, I squashed those bugs already. And yes you currently hold the world record right now :P


I challange you to take it from me! (JK, pls don't, even though clearly no one else can even be compared to me ;D)

I challange you to take it from me! (JK, pls don't, even though clearly no one else can even be compared to me ;D)

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Hi guys! Please let me know if you encountered any bugs, or any feedback. This is the second game that I ever built, the first one being "INVIS". There may be bugs that I haven't encountered yet, so let me know! I'll fix them as soon as I can. :)

*I put a cool little easter egg somewhere if you've played INVIS. If you haven't yet, you can play it after DON'T RUN.    ;)